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At 1XBet Singapore, horse racing is one of the most popular types of betting. Here's a detailed description, covering account setup, live streaming, betting strategies and mobile betting. Key features such as competitive odds and special promotions are highlighted, including a 100% first deposit bonus of up to SGD 160 and a welcome package of up to SGD 2,100 + FS 150 for casino and slots.
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100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 160 SGD!
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Welcome to the thrilling world of Horse Racing betting with 1xBet in Singapore, where every race brings a new level of excitement and opportunity. At 1xBet, we offer an unparalleled betting experience for all horse racing enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned bettors. Dive into a comprehensive selection of races, competitive odds, and exclusive betting options tailored to enhance your betting journey. Whether you’re in Singapore or tuning in from anywhere around the globe, 1xBet is your go-to destination for all things Horse Racing. Start your winning streak today and experience the best of horse racing betting with us.

Betting on Horse racing at 1xBet Singapore

Understanding Horse Betting

At 1xBet, we recognize the allure of horse betting, a tradition that combines the thrill of the race with the skill of strategic wagering. Fundamental to horse betting are the common types of bets such as win, where you bet on a horse to finish first; place, betting on a horse to finish either first or second; and show, where a bet is placed on a horse to end in the top three. These foundational bets pave the way for more complex wagers, offering a spectrum of choices to our users. 

In Singapore, horse racing and betting hold a special place, deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history. This sport transcends mere entertainment, embodying a rich heritage and providing a social fabric that brings together communities. For many in Singapore, horse betting is not just about placing a wager; it’s a way to participate in a longstanding tradition that celebrates excellence, speed, and the joy of competition. At 1xBet, we are proud to offer a platform that honors this tradition, providing an extensive range of betting options that cater to both novice and experienced bettors alike.

Getting Started with 1xBet

Embarking on your horse racing betting journey at 1xBet is a seamless process designed to get you into the heart of the action swiftly. Whether you’re new to betting or seeking to explore the vast opportunities in horse racing with us, setting up your account and funding it is straightforward.

Creating an Account:

  1. Visit the 1xBet website or download our mobile app.
  2. Click on the “Register” button.
  3. Choose your preferred registration method (one-click, phone number, email, or social networks).
  4. Fill in the necessary details and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Confirm your registration, and you’re ready to start betting.

Depositing Funds:

Once your account is set up, depositing funds is the next step to unlocking all betting activities.

  1. Log in to your 1xBet account.
  2. Navigate to the “Deposit” section.
  3. Select your preferred payment method from a wide range of options including eWallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

With your account set up and funded, you’re now ready to explore the exciting world of horse racing betting at 1xBet.

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100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 160 SGD!
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How to Bet on Horse Racing at 1xBet

Placing your bets on horse racing at 1xBet is an exciting experience, made easy and accessible thanks to our user-friendly platform. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the thrill of horse racing, follow these simple steps to start betting on your favorite races.

  1. Log in to your 1xBet account.
  2. On the homepage, click on the “Sports” section.
  3. Find and select “Horse Racing” from the list of sports on the left-hand menu.
  4. Browse through the available events and races happening worldwide.

Placing a Bet:

Once you’ve found the race you’re interested in, placing a bet is just a few clicks away.

  1. Choose the race you want to bet on.
  2. Explore the list of horses and their odds for winning, placing, and showing.
  3. Decide on the type of bet you wish to make: Win, Place, Show, or any of the more complex betting options.
  4. Select your horse or horses, depending on your bet type.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to wager in the bet slip.
  6. Confirm your bet by clicking the “Place a Bet” button.

With these steps, you’re all set to dive into the exhilarating world of horse racing betting at 1xBet. Whether you’re watching the races unfold live or keeping an eye on the results, betting on horse racing has never been more straightforward.

Key Features for Horse Betting on 1xBet

At 1xBet, we’re committed to providing an exceptional betting experience for horse racing enthusiasts. Our platform is designed with key features that elevate your betting journey, ensuring you have access to the best in live action, competitive odds, and the convenience of mobile betting.

Live Streaming:

  1. Enjoy live streaming of horse races directly on our platform.
  2. Experience the thrill of the race in real-time, enhancing your betting decisions and engagement.

Odds and Markets:

  1. Benefit from some of the most competitive odds in the industry.
  2. Explore a wide variety of betting markets, offering numerous ways to bet on your favorite horse races, including win, place, show, and more exotic bets.

Mobile Betting:

  1. Access horse racing betting on the go with our mobile-friendly website and dedicated 1xBet app.
  2. Enjoy the full range of betting options, live streaming, and account management features from anywhere in Singapore.

These features are crafted to provide our users with a comprehensive and immersive horse racing betting experience. Whether you’re at home or on the move, 1xBet ensures you’re always in the heart of the action with live streaming, competitive odds, and mobile betting convenience at your fingertips.

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Tips for Successful Horse Betting

Embarking on the journey of horse betting with 1xBet offers a thrilling experience, enriched by informed decisions and strategic planning. To elevate your betting success, consider these practical tips and strategies that cater to both novices and seasoned bettors alike.

  • Research is Key: Dive deep into the histories of horses and jockeys participating in the races. Look into their past performances, training backgrounds, and the synergy between the horse and its jockey. Such insights can significantly influence betting decisions.
  • Track Conditions Matter: The state of the race track plays a crucial role in the outcome of a race. Whether it’s dirt, turf, or synthetic, different horses perform differently on various surfaces. Keep an eye on the weather and how certain horses have fared under similar conditions in the past.
  • Manage Your Betting Budget: Successful betting also means smart financial management. Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it. It’s crucial to bet within your means and avoid chasing losses, ensuring that your betting experience remains enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Diversify Your Bets: Don’t put all your hopes on a single race or bet type. Spread your bets across different races and types of bets to increase your chances of winning. This approach not only maximizes potential returns but also minimizes risks.

Adhering to these strategies can significantly enhance your horse betting experience at 1xBet, paving the way for more informed decisions and potentially successful outcomes.

Bonuses and Promotions

At 1xBet, we understand the value of a strong start and the excitement that bonuses and promotions bring to our members. That’s why we offer enticing welcome bonuses for new members, designed to kickstart your horse betting adventure with us. Upon joining, new members can take advantage of our welcome bonuses, which can be applied to a wide range of betting activities, including horse racing.

In addition to our welcome offers, 1xBet is proud to present special promotions tailored to horse betting enthusiasts. These promotions vary from event-specific bonuses, enhancing the thrill of major horse racing events, to ongoing offers that reward our loyal bettors. Whether it’s increased odds, free bets, or cashback offers, our promotions are crafted to boost your betting experience and increase your chances of success.

Stay updated with our latest bonuses and promotions by visiting the “Promotions” section on our website or app. At 1xBet, we’re committed to making your betting journey as rewarding as possible.

Welcome Bonus Pack up to 2100 SGD for Horse Racing Betting + 150 FS


  • In the dynamic world of online betting, 1xBet stands out as a premier destination for horse racing enthusiasts in Singapore, offering an unparalleled betting experience that combines tradition with the latest in betting technology. From the moment you join 1xBet, you’re welcomed with enticing bonuses designed to kickstart your horse betting journey, alongside a plethora of betting options that cater to both new and seasoned bettors.
  • Navigating through 1xBet’s platform reveals a user-friendly interface where finding horse racing events and placing bets is streamlined for efficiency and ease of use. The availability of live streaming services enhances the betting experience by allowing bettors to follow the races in real-time, making informed decisions based on the performance of horses and jockeys under various track conditions.
  • 1xBet’s competitive odds and diverse betting markets ensure that bettors have access to the best possible betting scenarios, significantly enhancing the chances of making successful wagers. Additionally, the convenience of mobile betting means that users in Singapore can place bets on the go, ensuring that they never miss out on the action.
  • Strategic betting at 1xBet is supported by practical tips and insights provided in the platform, guiding bettors on researching horses and jockeys, understanding track conditions, and managing betting budgets effectively. With these tools and features, 1xBet is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and immersive horse racing betting experience that is both rewarding and enjoyable for bettors in Singapore.
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100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to 160 SGD!
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1xBet’s horse racing betting platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience tailored to meet the needs and expectations of bettors in Singapore. With its robust selection of races, competitive odds, and the convenience of live streaming and mobile betting, 1xBet ensures that enthusiasts are well-equipped to engage with their favorite sport. The platform’s dedication to providing valuable betting insights, coupled with attractive welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions, underscores its commitment to enhancing the betting journey. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the exciting world of horse racing, 1xBet stands as a top choice for accessing the best in horse racing betting in Singapore, fulfilling the main search intent of offering comprehensive information and a superior betting experience.


How do I create an account on 1xBet for horse racing betting?

To create an account, visit the 1xBet website or app, click “Register,” choose your preferred registration method, fill in the necessary details, agree to the terms, and confirm your registration.

Can I live stream horse races on 1xBet?

Yes, 1xBet offers live streaming services for horse races, allowing you to watch races in real-time directly through the platform, enhancing your betting experience.

What types of bets can I place on horse racing at 1xBet?

1xBet allows you to place a variety of bets including win, place, show, and more complex wagers, offering a wide spectrum of choices to suit your betting strategy.

Are there any bonuses for new members interested in horse racing betting?

New members are welcomed with attractive bonuses that can be applied to horse racing betting, including deposit bonuses and event-specific promotions.

How can I deposit funds into my 1xBet account for betting?

Log into your account, navigate to the “Deposit” section, select your preferred payment method from options like eWallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies, enter the amount, and complete the transaction.

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