1xBet General Rules for Singaporean Players

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This page provides an insightful overview of 1xBet's General Rules, specifically tailored for Singaporean players. It delves into essential aspects such as fundamental terms, betting restrictions, and compliance with legal requirements. Key topics include bet types, customer obligations, and the handling of discrepancies and updates, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of 1xBet's betting environment.

1xBet’s Terms and Conditions are a comprehensive set of rules that define the legal relationship between 1xBet, a renowned online bookmaking service, and its users. These regulations are particularly pertinent to players in Singapore, offering a clear framework for engaging with a wide array of betting options. The guidelines cover various aspects, from types of bets available, such as singles and accumulators, to the specifics of live betting and financial transactions. They ensure a transparent betting environment, detailing how deposits and withdrawals are managed, and providing necessary support information. For Singaporean players, understanding these rules is crucial for a seamless and compliant online betting experience with 1xBet.

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Basic Terms and Definitions

Understanding the fundamental terms used in 1xBet’s rules is essential for Singaporean players to navigate the betting landscape effectively. This section outlines key definitions that form the backbone of betting activities on the platform.

  • Wager:A wager at 1xBet is a risk-based agreement between the player and the bookmaker. It is contingent upon the outcome of an uncertain event, with the rules of the bet set by the bookmaker. This agreement involves the player making a prediction, with potential winnings determined if the prediction is correct.
  • Result:The result, or outcome, is the final conclusion of the event on which the bet was placed. It determines whether the wager made by the customer is successful or not, based on the conditions previously agreed upon.
  • Client:The client, referred to as the customer, is any individual engaging with 1xBet by placing bets. These customers are expected to comply with the established terms and conditions while participating in betting activities.
  • Cancellation of Bet:Bet cancellation occurs when a bet is declared void. In such cases, the agreement between the bookmaker and the customer is considered null, and the staked amount is returned to the customer. This can happen for various reasons outlined in 1xBet’s rules.
  • Standard Duration:This refers to the regular time of a match as per the specific regulations of the sport involved. It includes any additional time added by the referee but excludes periods like extra time, overtimes, penalty shootouts, etc., unless otherwise specified in the bet terms.

These definitions provide a clear framework for understanding the basic elements of betting with 1xBet, ensuring that players from Singapore are well-informed about the standard betting terms used on the platform.

Fundamental Terminology

1xBet mandates the acceptance of its General Terms and Conditions for registration, essential for Singaporean players to engage in betting activities. The Terms, available primarily in English, may be updated periodically. Users have the option to discontinue using 1xBet’s services before the implementation of any new updates, usually announced at least two weeks in advance. 1xBet operates under Curaçao’s license 1668/JAZ, issued by Curaçao eGaming. The Gaming Control Board in Curaçao regulates this license. 

Players must also agree to the Responsible Gaming Agreement, including its Gaming Terms and Conditions, which contain important limitations and restrictions for user protection. Notably, individuals under 18, those involved in the events being bet on, representatives of other bookmakers, and individuals barred from contractual agreements with bookmakers as per applicable laws are prohibited from betting. 

The website’s accessibility in a country or language does not constitute legal authorization for its use in jurisdictions where such activities are illegal. Players are responsible for ensuring their engagement complies with local laws, and legal advice is recommended before registration. 1xBet reserves the right to close accounts of users from countries where its use is deemed illegal, refunding the remaining balance after deducting any winnings post the last deposit.

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Bets are settled based on the data provided by the processing center, and winnings are paid within 30 days from the official result publication. The bookmaker can refuse bets for violating these rules or social standards and reserves the right to refuse bets without explanation. Any bet discrepancies due to technical issues or erroneous odds can lead to void bets, settled at odds of 1. Additionally, 1xBet complies with international regulations against sports manipulations, like match-fixing, and may void bets under suspicion or confirmation of foul play. Changes to these Rules will be communicated to customers, with bets post-update adhering to the amended rules. Complaints are considered in conjunction with official documents from relevant sports federations. 1xBet is not liable for indirect losses and can update these rules anytime, effective immediately upon website publication. Customers are informed about winning odds and associated risks, with account transactions accessible through the “My Account” section.


What are the age restrictions for betting on 1xBet?

Players must be at least 18 years old to place bets on 1xBet. This age restriction is strictly enforced to comply with legal and responsible gaming standards.

Can I bet on 1xBet if I am involved in the sports event?

No, individuals directly involved in the events being bet on, such as athletes, coaches, referees, or club management, and their affiliates, are prohibited from placing bets on 1xBet.

How are bet discrepancies handled at 1xBet?

In case of technical failures, obvious odd errors, or bets accepted in violation of the rules, 1xBet reserves the right to declare such bets void and settle them at odds of 1.

What happens if 1xBet's General Terms and Conditions change?

If 1xBet updates its Terms and Conditions, users are notified at least two weeks in advance. They have the option to discontinue using the services before the updates take effect.

Are there any country restrictions for using 1xBet?

Yes, the use of 1xBet may be considered illegal in certain countries, including the USA and the UK. Users are responsible for ensuring that their betting activities comply with the laws of their jurisdiction.

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