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This comprehensive article delves into 1xbet sports betting in Singapore, exploring its extensive betting options, competitive odds, and user-friendly app. It covers key aspects such as legality, security, bonuses, and customer support, offering valuable insights for both novice and experienced bettors in the vibrant Singaporean betting landscape.
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In the dynamic world of online sports betting, 1xBet Singapore emerges as a prominent destination for betting enthusiasts. With its comprehensive coverage of sports, competitive odds, user-friendly app, diverse payment options, and attractive bonuses, it caters to both beginners and seasoned bettors. This platform offers an exciting betting experience in Singapore, blending a variety of sports events with the thrill of potential rewards. Discover the allure of 1xBet sports betting in Singapore, where every bet counts.

Betting on sports at 1xBet Singapore

Benefits of Betting on 1xbet 

Delving deeper into the world of 1xbet betting in Singapore, bettors discover a realm filled with advantages. This platform stands out for its reliability, speed of payments, and its role as a sponsor for numerous major sporting events. Let’s explore the key benefits that make 1xbet a top choice for sports betting enthusiasts:

  • Reliability and Speed: Known for its stability and rapid financial transactions, 1xbet ensures a secure and swift betting experience. Their reputation as a trusted betting platform is bolstered by their sponsorship of significant sports events.
  • Client-Centric Approach: At 1xbet, the client always comes first. With an uninterrupted website and app functionality, quick registration process, and an enticing bonus program, 1xbet maintains its position at the forefront of the betting world. The availability of the 1xbet app enhances convenience for users.
  • Up-to-Date Information: Bettors have access to the latest statistics and online broadcasts, keeping them informed for making strategic bets.
  • Efficient Customer Support: The platform prides itself on its fast and effective customer service, ensuring bettors’ queries and issues are addressed promptly.
  • Diverse Betting Options: A vast selection of events across various sports, coupled with favorable odds, makes 1xbet an attractive betting hub.

1xbet’s global presence means that frequent travelers can still access their accounts seamlessly. Its support for multiple major world currencies and operation in numerous languages adds to its user-friendliness. Known as the home of high odds, substantial winnings, and speedy payouts, 1xbet’s reputation is further endorsed by reviews and bettor testimonials.

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TOP 10 Sports Betting on 1xbet in 2024

1xbet sports betting in Singapore offers a diverse range of sports, catering to the varied interests of bettors. In 2024, the platform continues to thrive, providing exceptional opportunities for betting across various popular sports. Let’s delve into the top 10 sports that are making waves in the betting community on 1xbet:


Football betting remains at the pinnacle of sports betting on 1xbet. With its global appeal and a multitude of leagues and tournaments, football offers endless opportunities for bettors. From the English Premier League to the UEFA Champions League, each game brings a unique thrill to football enthusiasts.


Tennis betting is another highlight on 1xbet. The fast-paced nature of tennis, coupled with the presence of global tournaments like Wimbledon and the US Open, provides a dynamic betting landscape. Bettors can engage in match betting, set betting, and more.


Basketball betting, especially during events like the NBA season, garners significant attention. 1xbet offers various betting options, including point spreads, totals, and moneyline bets, enhancing the basketball betting experience.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey betting becomes increasingly popular during leagues such as the NHL. The speed and intensity of the game make it an exciting option for bettors, with options to bet on scores, players, and match outcomes.


Bet on Volleyball for both indoor and beach variants on 1xbet. The sport offers different leagues and international competitions, providing varied betting options for enthusiasts.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis betting offers a fast-paced and unpredictable element to sports betting. With multiple tournaments around the year, bettors can engage in this exciting sport with various betting markets.


Baseball betting peaks during the MLB season. The sport provides unique betting opportunities, focusing on run totals, the money line, or the run line.

American Football

Bet on American Football, including the NFL, on 1xbet. This sport offers diverse betting options, from betting on the outcome of the Super Bowl to individual player performances.


Bet on Badminton, particularly during events like the BWF World Championships. The sport allows for betting on match winners, scores, and player performance.

1xbet sports betting in Singapore caters to a wide array of sports preferences, ensuring that every bettor finds their niche. With comprehensive coverage and competitive odds, 1xbet continues to be a leading platform for sports betting enthusiasts in 2024.

Betting on football at 1xBet Singapore

TOP 3 eSports Betting on 1xbet

1xBet’s commitment to eSports betting in Singapore is evident in its extensive coverage of popular and niche games alike. While the platform caters to various eSports, let’s focus on the top three that stand out in 2024 for their immense popularity and betting engagement on 1xBet.

CSGO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

CSGO, or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is a cornerstone of the eSports betting world on 1xBet. Renowned for its tactical gameplay and exciting team dynamics, CSGO offers a variety of betting opportunities. Bettors can wager on the outcome of individual matches, the performance of teams at various stages of the game, and even specific in-game events. The game’s global tournaments and leagues, like the ESL Pro League and Blast Premier, provide ample betting scenarios for eSports enthusiasts.

Dota 2

Dota 2, with its strategic depth and high-stakes international tournaments such as The International, commands a significant presence on 1xBet. The game’s complexity allows for a wide array of betting options, including match winners, stage winners, and even individual player performances. Dota 2’s consistent updates and evolving strategies keep the betting scene dynamic and engaging, making it a favorite among eSports bettors on 1xBet.


Valorant, the newest entrant in the eSports betting arena on 1xBet, has rapidly gained popularity. This first-person shooter game, known for its unique character abilities and tactical gameplay, offers bettors a fresh and exciting experience. With its growing competitive scene, Valorant betting includes wagers on match outcomes, tournament winners, and specific in-game achievements, appealing to both new and seasoned bettors.

1xBet’s eSports section doesn’t just stop with these top games. Bettors also have access to other popular titles like League of Legends, StarCraft II, and Overwatch, among others. The platform ensures that every eSports enthusiast finds their niche, with a broad selection of games and a variety of betting markets. This commitment to eSports diversity and depth of betting options is what sets 1xBet apart in the realm of cyber sports betting in Singapore.

Betting on eSports at 1xBet Singapore

1xbet Singapore offers a multitude of betting options, catering to the preferences of diverse bettors. Among the most popular choices are the Multi Live and Line (Pre match) betting options. These platforms provide an immersive and dynamic betting experience, enhancing the thrill of sports wagering.

Multi Live

The Multi Live feature on 1xbet is a game-changer for live sports betting enthusiasts. This innovative option allows bettors to follow and wager on up to four sporting events simultaneously. Whether it’s football, tennis, ice hockey, or any other sport, Multi Live brings the action directly to your screen. With the ease of dragging and dropping matches of interest into a central view, bettors can monitor minute-by-minute developments in multiple events concurrently.

Additionally, matches with live streaming capabilities are clearly marked with a “LIVE” symbol, allowing bettors to easily identify and tune into the action. The live streaming feature on 1xbet enriches the betting experience, provided users have a positive account balance and Adobe Flash Player. For sports not available for live streaming, 1xbet offers detailed live updates, ensuring bettors are well-informed about the ongoing developments in their chosen events.

Line (Pre match)

Line betting, also known as pre-match betting, is another popular option on 1xbet. This traditional form of betting lets users place wagers before the commencement of a sporting event. Line betting encompasses a wide range of sports, offering various markets and odds. Bettors can analyze teams, form, and other factors at their leisure, to make informed bets.

1xbet’s comprehensive pre-match coverage ensures that bettors have access to a multitude of betting opportunities across different sports. From major leagues to niche events, the platform provides a detailed and expansive betting landscape. Moreover, the “Live previews” feature on 1xbet’s website offers insights and schedules for upcoming matches, allowing bettors to plan their betting strategies effectively.

Whether preferring the dynamic nature of live betting with Multi Live or the strategic approach of Line betting, 1xbet Singapore caters to all betting styles, ensuring a top-notch betting experience for every user.

Live Betting in 1xbet

Live betting at 1xbet Singapore has revolutionized the way bettors engage with sports betting, offering an exhilarating and immediate wagering experience. This dynamic betting format allows players to place bets on sporting events as they unfold in real-time.

The live betting platform on 1xbet is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring bettors can easily navigate through various live sporting events. One of the standout features of 1xbet’s live betting is the depth of its market coverage. Bettors are not limited to just mainstream sports; they can also delve into a plethora of niche sports, all available for live betting. This diverse range of options ensures that every bettor’s interest is catered to.

Furthermore, 1xbet provides real-time updates and statistics, crucial for making informed decisions in live betting. The platform’s comprehensive approach includes live scores, match statistics, and rapid odds updates, enhancing the live betting experience. Additionally, for select events, live streaming is available, allowing bettors to watch the action unfold while placing their bets, thereby creating a more immersive and engaging betting environment.

Live betting on 1xbet Singapore offers a thrilling and modern approach to sports betting, with its vast array of options, real-time data, and seamless platform functionality. It stands as a testament to 1xbet’s commitment to providing an outstanding betting experience.

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Types of Bets available on 1xbet

1xbet Singapore offers a rich variety of betting types to suit the preferences and strategies of different bettors. From simple single bets to more complex system bets, the platform provides numerous options to cater to both beginners and seasoned punters.

Single Bet

A Single Bet is the most straightforward betting type on 1xbet. It involves placing a bet on a single outcome or event. For instance, in a football match, a bettor may predict the winning team. The simplicity of Single Bets makes them a popular choice for those new to sports betting, offering a direct and uncomplicated approach.

System Bet

The System Bet is an advanced form of betting on 1xbet, ideal for those looking to spread their risk. This bet type covers all possible combinations within a set of selections. For example, if a bettor places a System Bet across three football games, they can still secure a win even if only two out of their three predictions are correct. It’s a strategic choice for bettors seeking to balance risk and potential reward.

Accumulator Bet

Accumulator Bets, also known as parlays or combo bets, combine multiple selections into one bet. This type of bet on 1xbet is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of predicting outcomes across various events. For a successful Accumulator Bet, all selected outcomes must win. For example, if a bettor predicts the winners of four different football matches, they need all four predictions to be correct to win the bet. It’s a high-risk, high-reward option that can lead to significant payouts.

Handicap Betting

Handicap Betting on 1xbet levels the playing field in events where there’s a perceived difference in strength between participants. In this type of bet, a virtual advantage or disadvantage is assigned to a team or player. For instance, in a football match, a team perceived as weaker might start with a one-goal advantage. This type of betting adds an extra layer of strategy and is particularly engaging for seasoned bettors who seek a more challenging betting environment.

These diverse betting types on 1xbet Singapore enrich the betting experience, offering options that cater to every kind of bettor, from the cautious to the adventurous. Whether you prefer a straightforward approach or enjoy the complexity of strategic betting, 1xbet has the right options for you.

Betting on basketball at 1xBet Singapore

1xbet Betting Odds

Understanding the significance of betting odds is crucial for bettors, as these odds directly influence potential winnings. 1xbet Singapore stands out in this aspect, offering some of the most competitive odds in the market. This feature is particularly attractive to bettors looking to maximize their returns.

1xbet has established itself as a bookmaker providing exceptionally high odds, especially for top events in the line-up. The platform is designed to offer minimal margins on these events, allowing bettors to enjoy higher quotes and, consequently, the possibility of greater winnings for the same amount wagered. This approach is highly beneficial for bettors who focus on major sports events and are looking for the best value for their bets.

In live betting, 1xbet takes a strategic approach by slightly increasing the odds for “small markets.” This adjustment means that bettors engaging in live betting on less mainstream events can also benefit from favorable odds. However, the odds for top markets in live betting are maintained at competitive levels, ensuring that all bettors, regardless of their market preference, have access to attractive betting odds.

The emphasis on providing high odds makes 1xbet a preferred choice for many Singaporean bettors. The bookmaker’s commitment to offering value through competitive odds is evident, catering to a wide range of betting preferences and strategies.

1xbet Live Streaming

Live streaming is a pivotal feature at 1xbet Singapore, enhancing the experience of 1xbet live betting. It brings the action straight to the bettors, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time performance and dynamics of the game.

1xbet offers an impressive array of live-streamed sports, catering to a diverse range of interests. Among the most popular sports for live streaming are football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, ice hockey, handball, and horse racing. The platform also covers major European and International leagues and tournaments, providing bettors with a comprehensive live sports experience.

Accessing live streams at 1xbet is straightforward and doesn’t require any subscriptions or fees. Bettors need to have an active 1xbet account and ensure they have deposited some funds. The clarity and speed of the streams are exceptional, ensuring bettors can follow the action without any hindrance. For those with multiple interests, 1xbet’s unique Multi Live feature allows watching up to four different events simultaneously.

To watch live streams, users simply select their preferred event from the live streaming page. The site provides detailed information about the sport, teams, current score, and match progress. Additionally, 1xbet offers helpful statistics and recent form of the teams or players, assisting bettors in making their betting decisions.

In summary, 1xbet’s live streaming service provides an immersive and comprehensive betting experience, with a wide range of sports available and the convenience of watching and betting from the same platform.

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1xbet Bet Constructor

The 1xbet Bet Constructor is a revolutionary feature that offers bettors an innovative way to engage with sports betting. This unique tool allows players to create virtual matchups between two teams or individuals in real sporting events, primarily in football, hockey, and tennis.

How does it work? Bettors can construct two virtual teams, each comprising up to five selections from real-life matches. The outcome of these bets is determined by the total number of points (goals in football and hockey, sets in tennis) won by the selected teams or athletes. This approach allows for a more creative and strategic form of betting, where knowledge of the sport can significantly enhance the betting experience.

To use the Bet Constructor, players select their preferred clubs or athletes from a list of real matches and form two opposing virtual teams. The platform then calculates the odds instantly, offering various betting options like Match Result, Handicap, and Total Goals/Sets. For example, a bettor might pick two teams from a mix of football, hockey, and tennis matches and bet on which team will win with a handicap or the total goals/sets scored.

This innovative service not only enhances the traditional betting experience but also paves the way for the future of virtual betting. The Bet Constructor feature transforms bettors into virtual managers, offering a unique blend of sports knowledge and betting strategy.

1xbet Betting App for Android and iOS

The 1xbet betting app brings the convenience and efficiency of online betting to the fingertips of users with Android and iOS devices. This application is designed to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for mobile betting enthusiasts.


For Android users, the 1xbet app ensures a smooth betting experience on the go. The app is easy to download directly from the 1xbet website. Users simply need to navigate to the site on their Android device and find the download link for the app. Installation is straightforward once the download is complete, though users might need to allow installation from unknown sources in their device settings. The Android app mirrors the features available on the website, offering a wide range of betting options, live streaming, and account management tools. Its intuitive design ensures that even first-time users can navigate through the app with ease.


For iOS device owners, the 1xbet app offers a similarly user-friendly and feature-rich betting experience. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, making the process secure and straightforward. Upon installation, users gain access to a wide array of sports betting options, live match updates, and the ability to manage their account from anywhere. The iOS app is optimized to ensure smooth functionality and quick access to all features, from placing bets to withdrawing winnings. Its clean design and easy navigation cater to the needs of both novice and experienced bettors.

Both the Android and iOS versions of the 1xbet betting app provide users with complete control over their betting activities in a convenient, portable format. The apps offer a fusion of flexibility and efficiency, enabling bettors to stay connected with their favorite sports and betting markets, irrespective of their location.

Sports betting mobile application from 1xBet Singapore

How to Sign Up at 1xbet? 

Registering with 1xbet in Singapore is a simple and straightforward process, ensuring that new users can quickly start their betting journey. Whether on a desktop or mobile device, the sign-up procedure is designed for ease of use.

  1. Access the Website: Open your preferred browser and visit the 1xbet homepage.
  2. Initiate Registration: Click the green ‘Registration’ button located at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Choose Registration Method: Select your preferred method of registration (phone, email, or social networks and messengers).
  4. Provide Personal Details: Fill in the required personal information based on your chosen registration method.
  5. Enter Promo Code (Optional): Input the promo code 1VIPCODE, if available, to claim the sports welcome bonus or the casino welcome offer.
  6. Complete Registration: Click the ‘Register’ button to finalize the account creation process.

For sports betting enthusiasts, a welcome bonus is available. After completing the registration, log in and navigate to the ‘Deposit’ page. Choose a payment method, make your first deposit, and opt-in to receive the welcome bonus. 

Mobile Registration: 

  1. Open Mobile Browser: Visit the 1xbet site on your mobile device. 
  2. Select Registration: Tap the ‘Registration’ button. 
  3. Registration Method: Choose your preferred method to sign up. 
  4. Fill in Details: Provide the necessary personal information. 
  5. Promo Code (Optional): Use the code 1VIPCODE for bonus offers. 
  6. Finalize Registration: Press ‘Register’ to complete the process. 

The mobile registration process is identical to the desktop version, ensuring that users can sign up with ease regardless of the device. The 1xbet app, available for both Android and iOS, also supports this simple registration procedure.

1xbet Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

1xbet ensures a seamless transaction process for players in Singapore, offering a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods tailored to suit different preferences. Here we detail the procedures and options for both depositing and withdrawing funds on 1xbet.

How to Deposit on 1xbet?

Depositing money on 1xbet is straightforward and user-friendly, accommodating various payment methods.

  1. Login: Access your account via the 1xbet app or website.
  2. Select Account: Choose the account (if multiple currencies) you wish to use for betting.
  3. Initiate Deposit: Click the “Deposit” button and select your preferred deposit method.
  4. Enter Details: Input the required amount and provide necessary details like name, email, phone number, etc.
  5. Confirm Transfer: Finalize your deposit to fund your 1xbet account.

1xbet offers diverse deposit methods including bank cards like Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, mobile payments, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and more. The minimum deposit starts as low as 1 €, varying with the payment method.

How to Withdraw Money?

Withdrawing winnings from 1xbet is equally efficient and offers several secure options.

  1. Access Account: Log into your 1xbet account.
  2. Navigate to Withdrawals: Go to “My Account” and click on “Withdraw Funds”.
  3. Select Withdrawal Method: Choose from various methods like bank cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies.
  4. Enter Withdrawal Amount: Specify the amount you wish to withdraw.
  5. Confirm Withdrawal: Submit your withdrawal request.

1xbet’s withdrawal options are designed to provide security and convenience. The time taken for the withdrawal to process varies depending on the chosen method, with e-wallets generally offering quicker transactions.

Both the deposit and withdrawal processes on 1xbet are straightforward, catering to a global audience with their wide range of payment options. This flexibility ensures that players from Singapore can easily manage their funds, allowing them to focus on enjoying their betting experience.

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How to Bet on 1xbet: Step-by-Step 

Placing bets on 1xbet Singapore is a process designed for simplicity and ease of use. Whether you prefer betting through the official website, its mirrors, or via the betting app, the process remains straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you place your bets on 1xbet. 

On Official Site or Mirrors

  1. Registration: First, complete the registration process on the 1xbet website. Enter your username and password to log in.
  2. Ensure a Positive Balance: Make sure your account has funds. Deposit using the various e-payment methods available under the “Deposit” section.
  3. Select Sports or Live: Choose between Sports or Live sections in the main menu.
  4. Choose Event and Odds: On the next page, select your preferred sport and event from the left column. Central section will display odds and markets.
  5. Add Bet to Slip: Click on the odds to add your bet to the slip.
  6. Bet Type: If you have multiple bets on the slip, choose the bet type – Accumulator, System, or Chain.
  7. Enter Stake: Input the amount you wish to stake.
  8. Place Bet: Click on “Place a bet”.
  9. Confirmation: A pop-up window will show the bet details. The stake is deducted from your account once the bet is accepted.
  10. Track Bets: View your bets in the “Recent bets” section or under My Account – Bet history.

Via Betting App 

The 1xbet betting app offers an equally streamlined betting experience. The steps are similar to the website:

  1. Log In: Use your login credentials to access your account on the app.
  2. Deposit Funds: Ensure you have a positive balance by depositing through the app.
  3. Select Sport or Event: Choose from the Sports or Live sections.
  4. Pick Odds: Select your event and click on the desired odds.
  5. Bet Slip: The bet gets added to your slip.
  6. Set Bet Type: Choose from Accumulator, System, or Chain if necessary.
  7. Enter Stake and Bet: Specify your stake and confirm the bet.

Additionally, 1xbet offers a “One-click bet” feature for both website and app users, allowing bets to be placed instantly with a predetermined stake amount. This can be activated in the account settings and used by simply clicking on selected odds. Whether using the 1xbet website or the mobile app, betting is made efficient and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

1xbet Sports Bonuses and Promotions

1xbet Singapore stands out not only for its diverse betting options but also for its enticing range of bonuses and promotions. These offers are designed to enhance the betting experience for both new and regular bettors.

  • Welcome Bonus: New users can take advantage of the 1xbet welcome bonus. This promotion typically includes a significant match on your initial deposit, allowing you to kickstart your betting journey with extra funds.
  • Promo Codes: Regularly, 1xbet provides promo codes offering access to exclusive bonuses. These can range from free bets to enhanced odds on specific events.
  • Loyalty Program: 1xbet values its loyal customers, offering a loyalty program that rewards regular betting with points that can be exchanged for bets or other benefits.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions tied to major sporting events. These can include boosted odds, free bets, and cashback offers.
  • 1xbet bonus code & 1xbet promo codes: Often, 1xbet releases specific bonus codes that bettors can use to unlock unique promotions. These codes are usually available on the website or through promotional emails.

It’s essential to read the terms and conditions associated with each bonus or promotion to understand the requirements for participation and how to maximize these offers. With regular updates and new bonuses, 1xbet ensures that bettors have constant access to exciting promotional opportunities.

Bonuses and promotions for sports betting from 1xBet Singapore

1xbet Cashback for VIP Players

1xbet Singapore offers a rewarding VIP Cashback option as part of its loyalty program, which is specially tailored for its most dedicated players. This program is a way to thank players for their continuous patronage and active betting.

The loyalty program is structured into 8 levels, starting from level 1 (Copper). Players ascend through these levels by consistently playing their favorite games in the 1xbet casino. The journey through these levels is not just a path of personal betting growth, but it also comes with increasingly lucrative rewards.

One of the most significant benefits of advancing through the levels is the increase in cashback. The higher the level a player achieves, the bigger the cashback they receive. This cashback is particularly advantageous as it is calculated based on all bets made by the player, irrespective of whether these bets win or lose. Therefore, it offers a form of risk mitigation and added value to the betting experience.

Players who reach the highest level in the loyalty program are entitled to exclusive offers and enjoy VIP support. It’s important to note that this cashback program is available only for authorized users, and all types of bonuses are disabled for cryptocurrencies.

1xbet’s VIP Cashback is more than just a bonus; it’s a comprehensive program that rewards loyalty and continuous play, adding an extra layer of excitement and value to the betting experience for VIP players.

1xbet Promo codes in 2024

In 2024, 1xbet Singapore continues to excite its users with attractive promo codes, especially for casino game enthusiasts. These promo codes are designed to enhance the gaming experience and offer players additional chances to win.

One such promotion is the ‘WIN’ promo code, which offers a 200% increase in winnings for players who engage in 1xGames. Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:

  • Registration and Participation: You need to be registered and logged in on the 1xBet website. Ensure your profile is complete, including details such as full name, activated mobile phone number, email address, country, and city of residence.
  • Opt-in for Bonuses: In your account settings under ‘My Account’, opt to participate in bonus offers.
  • Minimum Stake Requirement: The minimum stake to participate in this offer is 5 SGD.
  • Exclusion of Bonus Fund Bets: Bets placed using bonus funds do not qualify for this offer.
  • Notification of Winnings: You can find information about your bet’s outcome in the ‘My Account’ section under messages.
  • Unlimited Betting and Immediate Withdrawal: There’s no limit to the number of bets you can place. Winnings are credited to your account and are available for withdrawal or further betting immediately.
  • Excluded Games: Note that the offer excludes certain 1xGames like Roulette and PF Poker Light.

Additionally, 1xbet selects 10,000 bets daily at random, and the winnings from these bets are doubled. This means every bet you place on 1xGames could potentially bring you extra luck. The more bets you place, the higher your chances of being selected for this bonus.

These promo codes and offers from 1xbet Singapore in 2024 provide a thrilling way for casino game players to enhance their playing experience, offering more opportunities to win big.

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1xbet Customer Support

1xbet Singapore prides itself on providing efficient and comprehensive customer support, catering to the needs of its vast customer base with multiple channels of communication. The support system is structured to address various queries and issues promptly and effectively.

Telephone Support: 

For immediate assistance, customers can reach out to 1xbet customer support via phone. The contact numbers are 000 800 919-02-66 and 000 800 919-10-72. This method is ideal for urgent inquiries or issues related to live betting, account concerns, or transactional matters.

E-mail Support: 

1xbet also offers support through various email addresses for different types of queries:

Email support is suitable for detailed queries and those not requiring immediate response.

Live Chat: 

For real-time assistance, the live chat feature on the 1xbet website is a quick and effective way to communicate with customer service representatives.

Social Media: 

Embracing modern communication methods, 1xbet also offers support through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, customers can utilize Skype for video calls with support agents, further enhancing the support experience.

With these varied support options, 1xbet ensures that every customer query, whether it’s a simple question or a complex issue, is addressed promptly and efficiently, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer support at 1xBet Singapore

In Singapore, the legality of online sports betting is a critical concern for players. 1xbet, understanding this, ensures rigorous measures are in place to protect its users and operate within the legal framework. While discussing the legal aspect, it’s essential to look at how 1xbet safeguards its players against fraud and maintains legal compliance.

  • Personal Information and Data Security: 1xbet requires players to provide necessary personal information during registration. This process is a part of their Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, which helps in preventing fraudulent activities. The data collected is protected with advanced encryption technologies, ensuring the privacy and security of player information.
  • Licensing and Use of Licensed Software: 1xbet operates with a legitimate gambling license, assuring users of its legal status. The use of licensed software for casino games and sports betting further establishes its credibility and compliance with international gambling standards.
  • Anti-Fraud and AML Policies: 1xbet has robust Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies in place. These policies are designed to detect and prevent any fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure and fair betting environment. Regular audits and monitoring are conducted to enforce these policies effectively.

By adhering to these measures, 1xbet provides a secure and legally compliant platform for sports betting in Singapore. Users can bet with confidence, knowing they are protected against fraud and are participating in a legally sanctioned activity.

Key Features to Betting in Singapore – View from 1xbet

1xbet, a leading online sports betting platform, offers numerous benefits tailored specifically to Singaporean bettors. Here are the five most important advantages that make 1xbet an attractive option for sports enthusiasts in Singapore:

  • Diverse Betting Markets: 1xbet provides an extensive range of betting markets, covering major sports and events globally. This variety ensures that Singaporean bettors have access to a wide selection of betting options, catering to all preferences.
  • Competitive Odds: One of the standout features of 1xbet is its competitive odds, which maximize potential winnings. Higher odds on various sports make 1xbet a lucrative choice for bettors looking for value.
  • Live Betting and Streaming: The platform offers live betting options along with live streaming of sports events, enhancing the betting experience by allowing bettors to make informed decisions in real-time.
  • User-Friendly Mobile App: The 1xbet mobile app is designed for convenience, providing users in Singapore with the flexibility to place bets on-the-go. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring easy access for all users.
  • Robust Security Measures: 1xbet takes the security of its users seriously. With advanced encryption and a strong focus on protecting user data, bettors can enjoy a safe and secure online betting environment.

These features collectively make 1xbet an ideal platform for Singaporean sports bettors, offering a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly betting experience.

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Tips for Profit Betting from 1xbet

Profitable betting on 1xbet requires strategy and thoughtful approach. Here are five key tips for bettors in Malaysia to enhance their chances of winning on 1xbet sports events or casino games:

  1. Avoid Rushing: Take your time to analyze and place your bets. Hasty decisions often lead to mistakes, so ensure you’re well-informed and calm before betting.
  2. Focus on Fewer Games: It’s more strategic to wager higher stakes on fewer games. This approach allows you to concentrate your research and understanding, increasing the chances of making profitable bets.
  3. Request a Payout When Needed: Don’t hesitate to withdraw your winnings. Understanding when to stop and cash out is crucial in betting. 
  4. Learn from Other Players: Observing the strategies and habits of successful players can provide valuable insights. Learn from their experiences and apply these learnings to your betting strategy.
  5. Utilize Gambling Statistics: Make informed decisions by using gambling statistics. Understanding trends, odds, and historical performance can significantly enhance your betting strategy.

These tips, when applied judiciously, can help in making more profitable decisions on 1xbet, whether you’re betting on sports events or engaging in casino games.


  • 1xbet Sports Betting in Singapore: 1xbet has established itself as a leading platform for sports betting in Singapore, offering a comprehensive range of sports, competitive odds, and user-friendly interfaces. The platform caters to both beginners and experienced bettors, providing detailed coverage of major sports and live betting options, along with a mobile app for convenient on-the-go betting.
  • Variety of Betting Options and Features: 1xbet’s diverse betting options, including the innovative Bet Constructor and the variety of bet types like single, accumulator, and system bets, cater to a wide range of betting preferences. Live betting and streaming enhance the experience, allowing bettors to make informed decisions in real-time.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: 1xbet stands out for its range of bonuses and promotions, including a generous welcome bonus, regular promo codes, and a loyalty program with VIP cashback for its dedicated players. These offers are designed to enhance the betting experience and provide additional value to bettors.
  • Legality and Security: 1xbet operates within the legal framework in Singapore, ensuring the security of its users through rigorous data protection, licensed software, and robust anti-fraud and AML policies. This commitment to legality and security provides a trustworthy environment for bettors.
  • Customer Support and Accessibility: With multiple channels of customer support including phone, email, live chat, and social media, 1xbet ensures efficient and comprehensive assistance for its users. The platform’s accessibility, combined with its user-friendly interface, makes it an attractive option for Singaporean sports bettors.


In conclusion, 1xbet stands as a premier choice for sports betting in Singapore, offering a blend of extensive betting options, competitive odds, and user-centric features. Its commitment to providing a diverse range of sports, innovative betting types, and the convenience of a mobile app caters to the needs of both novice and seasoned bettors in Singapore. The platform’s robust security measures, legality, and dedicated customer support establish a secure and trustworthy betting environment. With its attractive bonuses and promotions, 1xbet not only meets but exceeds the expectations of Singaporean bettors, making it an ideal platform for a fulfilling sports betting experience. This aligns perfectly with the main search intent of the article, positioning 1xbet as a top choice for anyone looking to engage in sports betting within Singapore.


What are the popular sports to bet on at 1xbet Singapore?

1xbet Singapore offers a wide array of sports including football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, American football, and badminton, providing diverse betting options for various interests.

How can I deposit money on 1xbet?

To deposit money, log into your 1xbet account, select the “Deposit” option, choose your preferred deposit method, enter the required amount, and confirm the transaction.

Are there any bonuses available on 1xbet Singapore?

Yes, 1xbet Singapore offers various bonuses such as a welcome bonus, regular promo codes, a loyalty program with VIP cashback, and seasonal promotions linked to major sporting events.

Is it legal to bet on sports on 1xbet in Singapore?

Yes, 1xbet operates within the legal framework in Singapore, with robust security measures like data encryption, licensed software, and anti-fraud policies, ensuring a secure and legal betting environment.

What is the 1xbet mobile app, and how can I use it?

The 1xbet mobile app is a user-friendly platform for sports betting on-the-go, available for both Android and iOS devices. Download the app, log in with your credentials, and you can start betting, manage your account, and access live streaming.

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